About 5 months break from writing some blog I have so many jobs penetration testing and the timeline is really short, so I don’t have any time to update my blog. About 5 project for every months I have to finish all the penetration testing in short time, so many bug I found and so many reckless in such a big infrastructure. Because of many bugs found by the reckless of developer, now I have planning for making a developer security guidelines.

I’m about researching this for a week, so many practical to use about developer guideines. My goal to build this developer security guidelines is to make a best practise use security in application or developer environment.

“More Secure the apps is, more hard user to use it”

Which mean lead to raise of hard development, because developer need to follow the security standard to build the apps.

The very basic idea I build this guidelines is, to understand and help developer to build the high security standard without makes the development process delayed and easy with appliance this guidelines.